• Individual Counseling (in Potomac, MD and Forest Hill in Harford County, MD, Vienna and Richmond, VA)

  • Cyber Counseling on Zoom (individuals can go through the counseling process from anywhere in the Country or Canada)

The donation policy for individual counseling is $80.00 per 90-minute session (we will try to work with an individual, when needed).

Heart to Heart Support Group

Currently not meeting. Will post upon resuming.

For those who have completed counseling or training through any of the Network 220 offices can join us for continuing ed and encouragement. Please register and give a donation when you plan to attend. Just send us your contact info on the Contact Us page, so we can send you the link for the meeting. Go to the Giving page to make a one-time donation of $20 and let us know it's for HTH.

Give a Donation of $20


8-Week Topical Classes

  • Building Healthy and Loving Relationships

  • Walking as One (Marriage)

  • Breaking Free from Anxiety and Depression

  • Breaking Free from Unwanted Behaviors

  • The Art of Parenting (New Fall 2018)

Cost for an 8-week class is $150.00 per person, $200.00 per couple. Course syllabus available to leaders for purchase. Cost is $300 for teacher's manual and DVD. Student manual is $10 each. Syllabus is included in price for students.

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  • Internet and in person Counselor Training (for individuals and groups)

  • Ministry Consultation (for churches and counseling ministries who use the "Centrality of the Cross")

Speaking Engagements

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Conferences 1 and 2 days

Weekend Retreats

  • The Resting Place

  • The Rest of God

  • Revival: A Study in Jonah

  • Finding God in Your Valleys

  • Living Victoriously in a Broken World